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Get Your Shopping Bags Ready....

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 .....because the Christmas countdown starts here! Scary thought, but October tends to be when things really start getting busy for me. The diary fills up for Christmas fairs and markets (although some of those were booked months ago) and the online orders start (hopefully) to flood in. 

I always like to offer something seasonal at the handmade and artisan events running up to Christmas, and as Christmas pudding earrings aren't really my thing (but never say never, right?), I thought some fused glass Christmas decs might fit the bill. I actually bought the basic kit to try my hand at fusing last year, but didn't get chance to use it - having a 6 month old baby must have cramped my style somewhat - so it's been great to finally have a go. 

A couple of dodgy results later (I'm thinking the rather flat and blobby 'stars' I ended up with on my first attempt may well look their best at the bottom of a fish tank) and I'm going with the designs on the right. Nice and simple, with hopefully just the right amount of handmade charm.

I'll have these available to buy at any events I do between now and the end of the year, so if you think they would make your tree happy, check out my events page and come say hello :).

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