If you want to send jewellery to a friend or family member, I will send it directly to them for free. Gift wrapping is just £1.50, so simply add it to your basket with the jewellery and a personal message, then enter their address for delivery at checkout. I can even print out and add a scanned handwritten message from you if you email me the file! 


Born in the Flame

Lampwork glass beads are handmade one by one in a hot torch, using heat and gravity to control, blend and shape the molten glass. Fully kiln annealed for strength, each bead is unique, making CeeGee Jewellery truly original.

Shoreline Collection | Lampwork Jewellery Handmade in England


Alongside the one of a kind pieces I make are my jewellery collections. As each collection piece is still individually handmade there may be slight variations on each item, but the finished lampwork jewellery will be very close to those pictured. Browse the current collections and available pieces here. 

Molten Hoop Earrings
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Pieces featuring reactive glass with silver crystals, worked in the flame to create a beautiful metallic mirrored finish. 

Floral Collection Handmade Lampwork Glass Jewellery

Glass globes small and large, bursting with beautiful handcrafted flowers that bloom under the surface.

Petal Collection | Handmade Lampwork Glass Jewellery

Delicate layers of coloured glass petals built up one by one and captured under a layer of crystal clear glass. 

Handmade Glass and Silver Shoreline Jewellery

A one-off, limited collection featuring tumbled glass inspired by the sand, sea and pebbles of the coast.

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